If you aren’t able to join us, and as we work tirelessly to create the content for this upcoming season, we don’t want folks to forget about the previous episodes upon which our great success was built.  Whether it’s taking a three war veteran on the trip of a lifetime, getting a Father Son / Army pair out for some much needed down time, or taking the child of a fallen hero out for some spoiling, we think our past episodes are quite amazing, and we think you’ll agree.  These episodes are listed below, so take a look !  Please check them out, and share them to your friends and family !

2020, EPISODE 4 – SENIOR CHIEF (R) LYLE JACKSON : In Episode 4 of our 2020 season, we are showcasing the service and dedication of Senior Chief (R) Lyle “Jack” Jackson. After completing 24 years of Active Duty service, OATH and The Ultimate Hunt thought it proper to spoil this hero with a hunting trip of a lifetime for TWO amazing South Texas animals !!!

2020, EPISODE 3 – SHERIFF CHRIS MORRIS & DETECTIVE / SERGEANT RANDY HAAS : In Episode 3 of our 2020 season, we feature two amazing Law Enforcement Officers from Oklahoma : Detective and Sergeant Randy Hass and Sheriff Chris Morris, both of the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office. After helping us line out a nefarious taxidermist issue, they’ll be chasing some monster whitetail and having some wonderful fellowship. We also might just see a real live arrest !!! 😳😳😳

2020, EPISODE 2 – LTC(R) MARVIN M. ANDERSEN : In Episode 2 of our 2020 season, we travel to the Kortis Ranch in South Texas to hunt with LTC(R) Marvin M. Andersen, or PoPo as his friends and family call him. As a THREE WAR VETERAN, PoPo received many awards and decorations during his incredible service to our country, so we felt it proper to dote on him just a tad, and that’s exactly what we did, folks. Sit back and enjoy this episode, as we take in all that South Texas has to offer, all while honoring one of our nation’s true heroes !!!

2020, EPISODE 1 – WILL ROLLINS AND CODY JOHNSON : In this, our Season Premier for 2020, we travel to East Texas to the Double Drop Ranch to chase some big animals ! Hunting on this episode is Will Rollins, Silver Star Recipient, former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and the Director of the OATH Military and Music Program. On this trip, Will rolls out his OATH Military and Music Program by sharing camp with none other than Cody Johnson, a talented Texas country music singer-songwriter. Sit back and watch this episode, as Will and Cody share some heartfelt chatter together while hunting down some pretty impressive critters !

2020 OPENING : We are extremely proud of our show opening. The folks over at Red Shutter Media knocked it out of the park with the graphics, the music, the integration of the OATH Registered Veterans, the whole nine yards. Take a look, and let us know ….. what’s YOUR favorite part of our show opening ??