THE ULTIMATE OATH is a well known outdoors television program that was created in 2022. Partnered with OATH, it has been dedicated to showcasing the service, sacrifice and dedication of our heroes. Gary Bartels, Founder and Executive Director of OATH, and Steven Holden, Founder of Veteran Predator Hunters,  both Veterans, have agreed to Co-Host the show together to source, plane and execute some amazing trips for our Heroes. Through many blessings and a tremendous amount of hard work, we feel we are making a difference in the lives of these Heroes every single day. It’s our hope that you will tune in to join us on Pursuit Channel and Wild TV for what we think will be our best season ever !!!  

If you aren’t able to join us, and as we work tirelessly to create the content for this upcoming season, we don’t want folks to forget about the previous episodes upon which our great success was built.  Make sure you visit THE ULTIMATE OATH YouTube channel where we will be uploading all past episodes for your viewing pleasure.  Whether it’s taking a Hero on a bear hunt or a white bass fishing trip, we think our past episodes are quite amazing, and we think you’ll agree.  Please check them out, and share them to your friends and family !    

As you watch our current episodes, as well as those from the past, please take a moment to help us say a great big THANK YOU to our wonderful sponsors.  These sponsors are the folks that make the traveling, the filming, the producing and the airing all possible for us, and without them, we’d sure be in a big bind.  Check them all out, and if you enjoy seeing our program, please make it a point to support them and their products whenever possible ! 

Finally, we will soon have our Online Store open so you can grab some gear ! Whether it be a t-shirt, a hoodie, a cap or a cup, when you buy and use these items, you become part of our team and our success story.  The best is yet to come for THE ULTIMATE OATH, and we want YOU to be part of the journey, so snag some swag, and thanks so much for your support !