prostaff pageOur OATH, Inc. ProStaff are integral parts of our team, and without them, our mission and success would both suffer.  Serving as the tip of the spear for our various OATH events, our ProStaff are dedicated and professional individuals that understand the importance of their duties and their ability to support, pitch and embrace the OATH mission at all times.  These folks are at the forefront of all planning, organizing, executing and supporting efforts for the events held in their respective states.  They are encouraged to create their own support teams (internal ProStaff) within their own respective states in order to ensure that the proper attention to detail and the proper planning procedures are fulfilled in accordance with each and every event.  As you can see by the ProStaff sidebar menu, we already have a presence in Texas, Utah and Idaho.  As we gain more support and are able to expand our exposure, you’ll see us place ProStaff in locations such as New York, Mississippi, Alaska and various other states.  All of this is a direct effort to ensure that our OATH Heroes are attending events that are both rewarding, incredible and ultimately improving the overall quality of life for both them and their wonderful families !