Folks, in an effort to honor some amazing heroes and to drive exposure to a wonderful company, Prym1 Camo® has partnered with OATH for this year’s OATH Memorial Walk.

Stacie Walker, President of Prym1 Camo®, says, “Prym1 Camo® was built as a concealment solution for outdoors men and women that need to be concealed and blend into their surroundings at all times.  Our family of patterns allow full flexibility of movement through various terrains, by utilizing the depth of colours, shadows and highlights with the organic shapes found on predators in the wild. Unlike the traditional ‘ sticks & leaves’ camouflage or the typical pixelated digital patterns, Prym1 Camo® was designed and built on the basis of being a true hybrid camo. A camouflage pattern that is truly versatile and adaptive, capable of not only blending, but matching a multitude of environments.”

The OATH Memorial Walk began in 2016 when Gary Bartels, the OATH Founder and Executive Director, decided to walk from Houston, Texas to his hometown of Kountze, Texas to honor the Texans who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.  Gary walked 150.25 miles in 4 days, averaging 37.5 miles a day !  Based on the outpouring of support and encouragement OATH received for that first Memorial Walk, Gary said he knew that this would be an annual event.  The following year, the OATH Walking Team grew with more members, and since 2016, the Team has walked close to 2,000 miles !  For the entire duration of the walk, the Team wears a rucksack which carries a notebook containing a photo of each of those fallen Heroes, as well as a set of dogtags for each.  The memory and the legacy of these Heroes are with the Team every step of the way!

In partnering with Prym1 Camo®, OATH is excited to not only gain more awareness for the OATH Memorial Walk and the Heroes it honors, but to also gain exposure for Prym1 Camo® by giving back to that business via a special offer from Prym1 Camo !  Stacie says, “To show our gratitude for folks supporting OATH, we will give each donor to this page a special discount code for 20% off through the the Prym1 website.  In addition, we will give also give away a Prym1 prize pack in a drawing to one lucky winner.  Must donate to qualify !!!”    Folks, that sounds like an AMAZING DEAL !!!!!  So let’s get busy donating !!!  Your donation, no matter how small, allows both OATH and Prym1 Camo® to bridge the gap of support and help folks in need.  Whether it’s $5, $10 or $100, each and every dollar matters as we directly impact Heroes on your behalf!

If you would like to donate and help support this year’s Memorial Walk as well as Prym1 Camo®, you can do so by using the PayPal link below.  PLEASE USE THE “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” OPTION !!  This PayPal link has a short reference code implemented that will earmark your donated funds for our partnership, so at the end of the endeavor, OATH can gladly spend half of what’s collected with Prym1 Camo® in support of our Heroes !  Once you complete your online donation, a electronic receipt will be sent to your email address.   Please retain this receipt for your tax records.

If you’d like to donate by check, please mail a check to the below address (made payable to OATH), and write “OATH / P1C” in the memo section of your check.   Upon receipt of your check, you will be sent a donation receipt for your tax records.

OATH, Inc.

27314 Piney Ranch Lane

Katy, TX