We are incredibly proud of our #OATHCARES Program, which serves as the sister program of our #OATHGEARBUCKETS program which focuses on stateside warrior that we take on various trips.  The name of the OATH CARES Program is double in meaning.  The first meaning is simple…we send OATH CARES (short for care packages) to those Service Members that are currently serving overseas.  The second meaning is equally simple…OATH CARES in that OATH genuinely cares about the men and women serving in harms way on some distant shore.  Through the OATH CARES Program, we aim to make a direct connection with these Heroes, and we need your focused and direct support to make this program flourish.

For those wanting to donate online, they may do via this this button

If you’d prefer, you can also mail a check to the address shown below, and we’ll take these funds and use them to support our Heroes and to further God’s Kingdom via love and compassion and understanding.  For those wanting to mail a check, please make the check payable to OATH, and write “OATH CARES” in the memo section.  You can then mail that check to :

OATH, Inc. 
27314 Piney Ranch Lane
Katy, TX

Once we receive your check, we will mail you a donation receipt for your tax records. 

Dig deep, folks.  

Let’s get those donations rolling in today !!!  

Do not put it off.  

Do it.  

Be part of this, it’s going to be quite amazing.  

Now please share this with ALL of your closest friends !!!