Below you’ll find the links to newspaper articles concerning OATH, her wonderful Registered Heroes and her amazing staff.  As you read these articles, we encourage you to share them with your friends and family and other network contacts to let them know the AMAZING work OATH is doing daily to support our very worthy Heroes.  Thanks !!!

2016 Mills County Soldier Hunt – wow……wow wow wow…..what an amazing event this shaped up to be for all involved !!!  Mills County Landowners hosted over 40 soldiers during the 2016 Mills County Soldier Hunt held January 9th.  This year’s hunt was helped greatly by Chris Dunshie and Kevin Wiley of Oath, Inc.  They and their organization coordinated providing the soldiers for this year’s hunt.  Neither Chris nor Kevin are compensated for the work they do through Oath, Inc.  “I feel I was put on this earth to bring smiles to wounded servicemen and women,” said Wiley during the meal at the Goldthwaite Airport Terminal Saturday night. “Helping these fine men and women find hunting opportunities with local landowners is a great way to bring those smiles out. I never get tired of it.  “I am proud everything went so smooth this year,” said Dunshie.  “I hope to make the hunt better for the soldiers and landowners each year here in Mills County.”