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May 22 @ 6:00 pm - May 27 @ 12:00 pm

Folks, #OPERATION608 is going to be something special…..beginning the Tuesday prior to Memorial Day weekend and concluding the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at Rooters Bar with the 3rd Annual OATH Memorial Day Bash , it promises to be amazing !!!

#OPERATION608 is an effort aimed at raising awareness for the 608 Texas Heroes  who have given their lives in defense of our nation during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The OATH Founder & Executive Director, Gary Bartels, will walk the distance of one standard track lap (400 meters) for every Hero from the state of Texas that has made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our mighty state has lost 608 brave souls (to date), so Gary will be knocking out 152 miles over the course of five days. Gary will start walking from a point in or around Dayton, TX on Tuesday, 22 MAY 2018 at 600pm, and will aim to finish on Sunday, 27 MAY 2018 at 1200pm, at Rooster’s Bar in Dayton, TX.  He’ll follow this schedule:


WALK — TUE 600pm – WED 1200pm

REFIT — WED 1200pm – 600pm

WALK — WED 600pm – THU 1200pm

REFIT — THU 1200pm – 600pm

WALK — THU 600pm – FRI 1200pm

REFIT — FRI 1200pm – 600pm

WALK — FRI 600pm – SAT 1200pm

REFIT — SAT 1200pm – 600pm

WALK — SAT 600pm – SUN 1200pm


If you’d like to walk with Gary at some point and become part of the fundraising effort, please reach out to him at [email protected], and he will tell you the requirements for this year’s event.  We have some lofty goals for this year, and it’s our goal to get every walker to Gary to commit to raising a MINIMUM of $100 PER MILE that they wish to walk with Gary.  There will be awards and recognition for those Walkers raising the most via their individual fundraising, so let’s make it a friendly competition and raise lots of money to support lots of heroes !!!


Awards will be broken down as such:


$100 – $299 — Appreciation Certificate

$300 – $499 — Appreciation Certificate, Engraved Eagle Award

$500 – $999 — Appreciation Certificate, Engraved Eagle Award, $100 Gift Card

$1000+ — Appreciation Certificate, Engraved Eagle Award, $100 Gift Card, Invitation to join OATH on a Hog Hunt with some OATH Registered Veterans !!!


As previously mentioned, at the conclusion of the walk on Sunday, OATH will be hosting the gathering at Rooster’s Bar.  Please come join us for the  3rd Annual OATH Memorial Day Bashan awesome day of FUN and REMEMBRANCE, and an opportunity to meet some of our OATH Registered Veterans.  It will be a day to remember !!!


May 22 @ 6:00 pm
May 27 @ 12:00 pm



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