Donate Equipment, Gear or Services

OATH, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that relies solely upon donations.  As you can imagine, it takes a great deal of resources to make these events possible.  We realize that some folks might not have the means to donate monetary funds, but are willing to donate actual items for our cause.  Below are some items that have been donated in the past by our generous supporters, and if you have something you’d like to donate to OATH , please let us know !

Items received via donations thus far:

  • Action TrackChair
  • BMW 325i (for auction purposes)
  • Hunting Trips via various Ranches/Outfitters
  • Use of Leased Land via various established Deer Leases
  • Use of Private/Family Owned Land via various businesses/families
  • Firearms (for auctions, giveaways and veteran usage)
  • Transportation of Veterans to and from events

Donate Money

Monetary donations are very important in that they allow us to fill in the gaps for Equipment, Gear or Services that are not donated.  As we are a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, you can donate monetary funds and rest fully assured that you’ll receive from OATH a Charitable Donation Receipt for your tax records.

For those persons wishing to donate money towards our cause, there are different ways to do so.  You can mail a check made payable to “OATH, Inc.” to the address shown below.  Upon receipt of your donation, we will mail (to the address on the check) a Charitable Donation Receipt for your tax records.  All donations made by check will be used for our “General Fund” unless otherwise requested by the donor.  This fund is spread across all events and all endeavors that are supported by the OATH mission.  If you’d like to donate money to a specific event, please visit our Calendar where you’ll be able to see our Operational Calendar for all of our upcoming operational events !!!  Once you select a specific event, just annotate that event’s name in the memo section of your check, and we will direct those funds to that specific event.  The address for mailing a check is :

OATH, Inc.
27314 Piney Ranch Lane
Katy, TX  – 77494

For those that prefer, online donations are also available using the PayPal button below.   Please ensure you donate money using the “Friends and Family” option so that fees are waived. 

All donations made using this secure PayPal option will be used for our “General Fund”.  This fund is spread across all endeavors that are supported by the OATH ministry.