We at OATH understand that there may be folks that would like to get involved via a Company Donation or a Sponsored Event, or a combination of the two.  As we have seen in the recent past, a great number of companies and businesses are hiring veterans at an increasing rate due to the recent (and current) military draw down.  As these veterans leave the military ranks and are hired by these companies, the company’s awareness is increased in terms of supporting specific 501c3 entities that directly benefit our veterans and their families.  What was once perhaps a casual donation to a specific 501c3 is now a pointed program of giving that centers around a specific and focused event.  Some examples?

1 — Company XYZ has a hunting lease that its employees/customers utilize during the year, and they’d like to host a group of OATH Registered Veterans one weekend to decrease the doe deer surplus.  There’ll be camping, a cookout, some music, and some “Hey, thanks for defending my family and our freedoms”.  Everyone will leave the weekend feeling good and looking forward to the next event !

2 — Company ABC is looking to increase it’s charitable support this year, but they want to do it via an event that not only involves OATH Registered Veterans, but also their company in order to bridge the gap that often seems to exist between civilians and veterans.  So, they contact OATH and they get into action a plan for a joint Picnic for the OATH Registered Veterans and their families and the Company’s employees and their families.  There’ll be handshakes, “Thank You”s, gestures of appreciation from both groups, and a sense of “Wow…we made a difference.  Let’s do that again !”

3 — Company 123 is experiencing some solid business at their local lunch hot spot.  Although they’d like to emulate the example set forth by Company ABC, the time just isn’t there to do so.  However, as they see their shop fill up everyday for the lunchtime crowd, they’d like to support via a monthly fundraiser.  On the 1st day of each month, they have “OATH Day” where they donate 10% of that day’s sales to the OATH cause.  To make the pot a bit sweeter, if a person placing an order is wearing some sort of OATH, Inc. gear, such as a t-shirt or a cap, they get a free drink with their lunch order !  At the end of the day, that company has made a difference and shown the general public that they not only support OATH and her Registered Veterans, but they encourage their patrons to do so as well.  WINNER, WINNER !!!

These are but a few examples of how a Company or Business can support OATH and the Registered Veterans that make up her ranks.  We encourage the “thinking outside the box” approach, as it usually brings forth an awesome event that everyone can enjoy !  In the end, if the Veterans are being supported and their sacrifices are being acknowledged, we have hit our mark.

So, if your Company or Business would like to support us in any way, please send Gary Bartels, our Founder and Executive Director, an email, and let’s get busy !!!