If you’ve been invited to join the Cypress Flat Hunting Club, your membership fees (to include camp fees if applicable) are due by 15 MAY 2018.  Membership fees are $700.  If you have a camp and will need to include the $100 camp fee,  please add the $100 to the $700 membership fees for a total of $800.   There are three ways that you can make your membership fees donation.


Write a check made payable to OATH.  In the memo section of this check, write “CFHC 2018”.  Mail that check to the below address.  Upon receipt of your check, you will be sent a donation receipt for your tax records.

OATH, Inc.

27314 Piney Ranch Lane

Katy, TX



Give Gary Bartels cash or cashier’s check when you see him next time.  Upon receipt of your cash or cashier’s check, you will be given a donation receipt for your tax records.


Make an online donation by sending your fees to [email protected] using the “Send to friends and family” option.  This keeps you and OATH from paying the 4% PayPal fees, so please ensure that you use the “Send to friends and family” option.  Steps are easy from your laptop computer:   

1 — Logon to your PayPal account

2 — Click the “Money” tab at the top

3 — Click the “Send or request money” tab on the left

4 — Click the “Send to friends and family” tab in the top middle

5 — Enter the email address of [email protected]

6 — Click the “Next” tab

7 — Enter your respective fee amount

8 — Add a note of “CFHC 2018”

9 — Click the “Continue” tab

10 — Select your payment method

11 — Click the “Next” tab

12 — On the next page, ENSURE that the Fees portion says “$0.00”……..if it does not, please repeat Steps 1-11 until it does.

13 — Click the “Send Payments Now” tab to complete your donation.

Once you complete the online donation, an electronic receipt will be sent to your email address.   Please retain this receipt for your tax records.