MainOur Brother’s Keeper Program has seen huge success because it’s REAL.  Right now, at this very moment, as you sit and read this, there is a Veteran that is contemplating taking his or her own life.  For whatever reason, the demons that they face are winning.  They feel that their only option to ease their pain is to end it all.  Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go.  They went.  They fought.  They returned.  Now, although they may appear to be all in one piece due to the lack of visible physical scars, they fight a battle that is unseen.  They wage a war against an enemy that continues to seemingly always have the upperhand.  They suffer from guilt.  They suffer from shame.  They suffer from flashbacks.  They suffer from sleepless nights.  In the end, they suffer.

Markus Fox – I’m Still Coming Home

11111The cold hard facts are simple, folks. Our Veterans are killing themselves.  Our nation’s heroes are killing themselves.  To the tune of around 22 each day.  These heroes that raised their right hand in a VOLUNTARY fashion to protect and defend us are killing themselves.  We can change that statistic with the simplest of actions.  It’s called the Brother’s Keeper Program, and it works.  OATH, with the help of some very good friends and supporters, is challenging you.  We are challenging you to join our Brother’s Keeper Program, and help us save the lives of these heroes.

Darryl Worley – I Just Came Back From A War


As part of our Brother’s Keeper Program, we boldly proclaim “I Am My Brother’s Keeper”.  You are saying to yourself, to our Veterans and to the world that you will not accept the status quo any longer.  You will make every effort to break the trend that is plaguing us as we see story after story of these fine men and women taking their own lives.  By embracing the #OATHKEEPERSCALL, which falls under our #OATHBROTHERSKEEPER Initiative, you are taking the first step in going on the offensive to take our heroes back. They are being pulled in a direction that can and will lead to destruction, and we’re tired of it.  We’re taking our heroes back.  The “Keeper’s Call Movement” will be only one facet of our 33333Brother’s Keeper Program, but it’s a facet that can and will have an immediate impact on our nation’s heroes.  Pick up the phone.  Call a Veteran.  Arrange a lunch.  Plan a hunting trip.  Plan a camping trip.  Tell them you care.  Show them they matter.  We all know a Veteran.  If we don’t know a Veteran, I bet we know a friend that knows a Veteran.  Get a Veteran’s contact information from a friend.  Make an effort to show these guys and gals that they are a priority.

Filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh discusses his new film ‘That Which I Love Destroys Me’ which looks closer at Veterans battling PTSD back home

Also falling beneath our Brother’s Keeper Program will be our trips where we will take select pairings of registered Veterans and their registered Keepers on outdoors excursions in order to strengthen that bond and that relationship in an effort to improve the quality of life for that Veteran. These events can range DSC_0073from hunting trips, fishing trips, camping trips, barbecues, etc, and the event itself is only the medium by which huge dividends will be paid.  The actual benefit comes from the increased awareness of all involved, the overall bond that is strengthened as a result of said event and a sincere element of completeness that cannot be attained on any other level.

A final tenant of the Brother’s Keeper Program will be our Brother’s Keeper Conferences where we will round up these Veterans and their registered Keepers and rendezvous at a55555 location / date to be determined in order to do nothing more than share testimonies, enjoy some good food, some good fellowship, some good speakers (folks from various VSOs that can and will provide resources to support these heroes) as we continue to strive to take our heroes back !

Brother’s Keeper Shark Fishing Trip

Please visit us on Facebook for more information.  If you would like to support the Brother’s Keeper Program, you may do so by using this button.

If you’d like to donate by check, you can mail a check to the below address.  In the memo section of the check, please write “Brother’s Keeper Program”, and we will mail you a donation receipt for your tax purposes.

OATH, Inc.

27314 Piney Ranch Lane

Katy, TX   77494

At the end of the day, we have a great deal of support coming out for these worthy heroes, but we cannot do it without the generosity of you and those like you.  The support we provide is only half of the equation…you and your generosity are the other half. 

Thanks in advance for your support of our organization and our efforts !!!