At OATH, we are incredibly proud of our Battle Buddy Program.  The basic concept of this program is to strengthen a bond that came about through the most unfortunate of circumstances.  Through this program, we pair a Gold Star kiddo with a member of his or her fallen parent’s unit from combat, and we take them on a trip that will not soon be forgotten.    It is through these trips that the Gold Star kiddo is given the opportunity, while sitting around the campfire or sitting in the deer blind or while casting a line, to ask their fallen parent’s Battle Buddy questions about their father or mother.   As the conversation carries on throughout the trip, what we see emerge is a new Battle Buddy relationship, as the kiddo soon realizes that they now have a unique bond with this person that served with their fallen parent.  It’s truly remarkable to watch, and we hope that we will gain your support for such trips.

If you are a Ranch Owner or Outfitter or Guide or just a goodhearted person  that would like to host one of these amazing Battle Buddy trips, please contact Gary, and let us know.

If you would like to donate funds to ensure that these Battle Buddy trips continue, you can do so using this button.

If you prefer to not donate online and would rather send a check or money order, you may do so by sending your donation to the address shown below.  Please ensure that you write “Battle Buddy Program” in the memo section.

OATH, Inc.
27314 Piney Ranch Lane
Katy, TX

Once we receive your donation, we will mail you a donation receipt for your tax records.