Folks, welcome to the 2nd Annual OATH 3D Tournament !!!   Please visit the portal for Team Registrations and Sponsorships, and come join us on April 14, 2018 as we break out the bows for a very good cause and some VERY worthy heroes.  For a complete set of rules, please see here.    BE ADVISED : There WILL NOT be a COMPETITIVE shooting class.  All hunting setups only as per the hunter course description.    Please contact Chris Conte if you should have any questions over the rules or the tournament.  We are thoroughly excited about this event, and we are honored to be teamed up with Buffalo Field Archery Club to raise awareness and funds for OATH.  We are looking forward to your attendance and support to make this event something truly spectacular.  In response to the numerous requests and building off of the success we’ve seen at our annual sporting clay tournaments, we created this 3D shoot to focus on the archery community.

As seen at the other 3D shoots in the area, the archery community is wonderful at supporting worthy causes for worthy benefactors, and we are expecting nothing short of a great turnout for OATH and her amazing Registered Veterans.  At this event, you’ll be able to meet some of the wonderful OATH Registered Veterans and shake their hands in appreciation of their sacrifices.  In the same sense, these OATH Registered Veterans will be able to meet you and shake your hand in appreciation of your support.  It’s a win-win as  we bring together both sides of the equation:  the generous supporters of OATH and the actual OATH Registered Veterans that serve as the benefactors of the abundant generosity shown by these aforementioned supporters.  It’s a winning situation for all involved as both sides thank each other for their support and their genuine compassion.

DISCLAIMER:  Based on registered participation levels, Buffalo Field Archery Club reserves the right to change the expected course layout before the event.