1620711_206655656205378_1309767282_nOATH, Inc. is absolutely blessed to have entered into an official Partnership with the Tom Brothers Ranch in Campbellton, Texas.   Owned and operated by the Tom family, the Tom Brothers Ranch has been in the beef business since 1857.  Tom Brothers Ranch raises and sells SimAngus, Simbrah and SimAngus HT cattle along with a wildlife hunting enterprise.  The goal of the Tom Brothers Ranch breeding program is to continually improve the cattle from pasture to plate and provide customers with an enjoyable and profitable experience with their cattle.   After discussions with our OATH leadership, the Tom Brothers Ranch has become a huge support of our efforts here at OATH, and we are very proud and honored to call them members of the OATH family.  Phillip, Ellen and Nancy Tom not only understand, 10603529_686609804767250_2677651618716568562_nembrace and support the OATH mission, but they also support our veteran population as a whole.  This is clearly evident in their willingness to host OATH events at their amazing ranch in an effort to show our worthy OATH Heroes weekends that they are not soon to forget.  We are currently planning a Spring 2015 Turkey Hunt at the Tom Brothers Ranch, and we encourage you to check back for photos of that event.  Again, huge shout out of thanks to the entire Tom Brothers Ranch family for their support and embracement of the OATH mission !!!