As OATH continues to grow in a manner that is conducive to the overall support of our OATH Heroes, we are gradually and strategically establishing State Chapters.   Of course, in the life cycle of OATH, the first State Chapter was Texas.   Once Texas was stood up and saw proven results, we then stood up OATH Utah, which will in 2016 be our first State Chapter to participate in the Exchange Program (see below) that promises to bridge gaps.   Following OATH Utah, we stood up OATH Idaho, followed by OATH Indiana.  These State Chapters are all doing wonderful things, and we’ll keep moving forward as the momentum continues to grow and the opportunities to do so present themselves.

With relation to the Exchange Program, we’ll see registered OATH Heroes from Utah join registered OATH Heroes from Texas in collective events that are designed to bridge the gaps that exist between the Heroes of our various states.  Where we once might have seen folks limited in their communications simply due to their geographical locations, we now will see instances where the “Hey, your family should come up and join us for Thanksgiving” or “Hey, man, let’s get the families together at Yellowstone one year for some camping” type conversations reveal themselves as friendships are created, fostered and strengthened through the most basic medium:  outdoors events.  As a result, as Utah grows and sees a certain level of success, we’ll then focus on the other State Chapters and bring them into the fold as well.  In the end, it’s not rocket science.  It’s caring.  It’s compassion.  It’s making the effort to show folks that they matter.