PVWMC logoOATH, Inc. is honored and humbled to have entered into an official Partnership with the Pecos Valley Wildlife Management Club (PVWMC) in Comstock, Texas.  Containing 27,720 acres,  game animals include deer, blue quail, javelina and fox.  The PVWMC membership has had the lease since 1985, and the camp is equipped with a huge kitchen, dining and recreation building and a full time cook that makes breakfast and dinner, so they can easily handle nearly 100 people.  Most if not all of the PVWMC members have mobile homes that they have brought in for them and their guests.  They have a multitude of hunting vehicles, landcruisers, broncos and jeeps with semi-high racks, PVWMC 2and last but not least, the Deuce !!!  Each vehicle can hold four passengers, and the Deuce can hold six.  It can take a couple of hours to get to the back of the lease and the PVWMC members have actually set up a mini camp about half way back which provides relief and a lunch spot.  The area is very rocky with deep canyons throughout, and the best deer are always killed when walking the canyons.  Jeep hunting works just fine and is the most fun and social.  A typical hunting group departs around 7 or 8 am and will stay out until sunset.  If that proves too difficult, some of the truly best hunting is just east of camp so hunters are able to make short one or two hour runs and return to rest.  Our trip to the PVWMC was absolutely awesome.  We enjoyed some great food, some great conversation and we even harvested a few nice animals.  This is an absolutely wonderful place to “lose the cell phone” and focus on relaxing, regrouping and simply enjoying thePVWMC 1 landscape that God has provided.  John Knox, Brad Knox, Robert Todd and John Carpenter and the entire family at the PVWMC showed our OATH Heroes nothing less than complete and total support over the hunting weekend.  We are indebted to them for their attention to detail and tenacious efforts to ensure that the OATH family leaves their gates with nothing less than a perfect weekend.  Check out the photos from the Inaugural Pecos Valley Wildlife Management Club Hunt, and be on the lookout for more details as we plan and organize for the 2015 event.  Again, huge shout out of thanks to John Knox, Brad Knox, Robert Todd and John Carpenter and their entire PVWMC family for their support and embracement of the OATH mission !!!