Welcome to the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter page !  As you probably guessed, OATH Texas was our first state chapter to begin operations with OATH’s inception back in January of 2014, and the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter was our first local chapter within OATH Texas.  She has been continuously growing and expanding, and we are incredibly proud of the hard work put forth by our amazing OATH Texas Pineywoods team.  The OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter will always be considered the parent chapter of OATH, and we are absolutely excited about what is yet to come for this amazing chapter.   If you or your friends and family would like to directly donate funds to support the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter, you may do so safely and securely using the PayPal button below.  Once you donate via this link, you’ll receive an auto receipt with the OATH EIN that you will be able to use for your tax purposes.  This PayPal button has an embedded code that will earmark the money received via its use specifically for the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter, so you can rest assured that your donation to the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter will go to the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter ! 


If you are uncomfortable donating via the online option, you can mail a check (made payable to OATH) to the address of

OATH, Inc.

27314 Piney Ranch Lane

Katy, TX


In the memo section of the check, please write “OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter” so that we can earmark it appropriately.  Once your check is received, a charitable donation receipt will be mailed to the address shown on your check for your tax records.   

Tom Henning – OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter Field Officer 

Tom Henning heads up our OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter, and we are honored to have his support and his outdoors expertise on our OATH team.  Tom was born and raised in SW Louisiana.  He attended McNeese State University and has enjoyed work in many areas, to include Industrial, High Voltage, Marine Electrical and Instrumentation.  He has earned many many different certifications, to include his Certified Control Systems Tech I, Standards of Training, Certification  and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) and Yachtmaster.  He loves the the great outdoors, to include shooting, fishing, hiking (Tom hiked from from Georgia to Pennsylvania on the Appalachian Trail) and sailing, where he has done several transatlantic crossings.  He also enjoys the Ham Radio (call sign KE5WRG), as well as mechanics, tradition, art and science.  He has three children and currently lives in East/ Central Texas raising hay and playing with bees.  OATH is so very appreciative of Tom for his willingness to sacrifice his personal time in order to support our efforts here at OATH.  If you are an Outfitter/Guide, local business owner or general member of society that loves and cares for our veterans and would like to discuss hosting or supporting an OATH event in the OATH Texas Pineywoods Chapter, please contact Tom Henning at your convenience.