Folks, in keeping with OATH’s efforts to honor our Fallen Heroes, OATH New York brings you OPERATION 303.  Over Memorial Day weekend in 2018, the OATH New York leadership, in a effort to honor the 303 Military Service Members that died in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn, will conduct a motorcycle ride to honor these true heroes.  Select members of the OATH New York leadership will ride 5 miles for each of these 303 brave souls for a total of 1,515 miles.  We’ll travel the main roads and the back roads around the beautiful state of New York as we pay tribute to these exceptional people.  We will carry with us a binder that contains the photos and stories of these heroes, as well as a set of dogtags for each hero.  As we travel, we plan to stop and speak with the local town’s people and share with them the binder and the dogtags.  With these community members, we will look at the photos of the heroes, read their stories and thank God that such heroes existed in this great nation and our great state.  The official resting place of the binder and the dogtags will be at the foot of the future Desert War Memorial to be built in Washington, D.C.  Until that time, the OATH New York leadership will hold these items in great honor and add to them as needed should another hero from New York pay the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.  The OATH New York leadership requests your help in spreading the word about our awesome endeavor.  Please share this post with all of your friends no matter their location, and please encourage them to do the same.  We also also need help with donations for this event, and we will be reaching out for sponsors of this event, as well.  We request that you give as much as you can to support our cause and to honor these true heroes. To donate in support of OPERATION 303, you may do so using the PayPal button below:

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If you’d prefer, you can also mail a check for your donation, and we’ll take these funds and use them to support our Heroes and to further God’s Kingdom via love and compassion and understanding.

For those wanting to mail a check, please make the check payable to OATH, and write “OPERATION 303” in the memo section.  You can then mail that check to :

OATH, Inc.
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Thanks for your support, folks.   We genuinely thank you from the bottom of our heart!



Gary Romig

General Manager, OATH New York