Outdoor Association for True Heroes, Incorporated, or OATH, Inc., is a faith based Nonprofit Organization that utilizes various outdoors activities centered around Faith, Family, and Community to improve the quality of life of our eligible veterans.


Welcome to the OATH New York page !   We are incredibly proud of the hard work put forth by our amazing OATH New York team, and we are absolutely excited about what is yet to come for their Chapter.  If you or your friends and family would like to directly donate funds to support the OATH New York Chapter, you may do so safely and securely using the PayPal button below.  This PayPal button has an embedded code that will earmark the money received via its use specifically for the OATH New York Chapter, so you can rest assured that your donation to OATH New York will go to OATH New York  !

Gary Romig serves as the General Manager of OATH New York, and we are blessed to have him in our OATH family.  If you are an Outfitter/Guide, local business owner or general member of society that loves and cares for our Veterans and would like to discuss hosting or supporting  an OATH event in New York, please contact Gary Romig at your convenience.