11045335_799414176820145_323578080507187482_nOne aspect we have seen huge success with is our Marquee Events.   These events are specifically geared towards taking our OATH Heroes on events that they might never have the chance to attend without our assistance.  The selection process for these Marquee Events is very simple.  When a Hero attends one non-Marquee Event (regular calendar event), they then become eligible for a Marquee Event.  Once they become eligible, when we draw a random Hero using the Wheel Decide program, their name goes onto the wheel for the Marquee Event drawings.  11034286_799414073486822_640951089340095106_nOnce an eligible OATH Hero’s name is drawn for an event, his or her name will not be eligible for redraw until all eligible OATH Heroes have attended a Marquee Event.   Once all eligible OATH Heroes are drawn for a Marquee Event, all eligible names go back into play, and the process starts over.

As we saw in March of 2015 during our trip to Utah where we took two OATH Heroes and their significant others skiing, snow mobiling and fly fishing and in June of 2015 during our trip to Idaho where we took an OATH Hero bear hunting, these events work out to be amazing and healing getaways for all parties involved.  10940501_848035481958014_4232428143767531061_nClosing out 2015, we’ll see a Marquee Event to Indiana where we take two OATH Heroes on an archery hunt for the majestic whitetail, and we’re excited about that trip !   On the docket for 2016 are trips to Hawaii, Utah, Idaho and Indiana, and we may even sprinkle in a few other TOP SECRET trips in there as well, so stay tuned !!!