Major League Texan

OATH, Inc. is absolutely blessed to have entered into an official Partnership with  Major League Texan of Hockley, Texas.  Through this Partnership, Brad French and his wonderful wife Grace have graciously offered to donate 10% of their sales to OATH and her benefactors.  Brad himself is a former Chief in the mighty United States Navy that served several overseas tours in his 24 years of honorable service to our nation, and he wholeheartedly understands, supports and embraces the OATH mission because he sees and lives firsthand the benefits of living an outdoors based life.  Their Major League Texan gear is awesome, and we encourage everyone to visit their website and snag a piece of gear or two!  You can also contact them at [email protected] .   Brad says “My wife and I were both born Texans, but it wasn’t until I joined the military and we moved out of the state, that we realized how proud we were of where we came from and why.  There are military and non-military people who are going to school and working hard in other states and around the world, but their heart and mind are still in Texas.  Texas is more than a state of mind, it is an attitude of action that made us different than other states.  We still wave at our neighbors as we pass them going down the road, we still hold the door open for leagues of people as they enter the store, we automatically congregate together when out of state or even more so deployed together.  You don’t have to be a 5th generation Texan or Medal of Honor recipient to be a Major League Texan, you just have to want to show others that you have pride in a state that shines brighter than the rest.”  We couldn’t agree more, and we salute Brad and Grace for not only embracing their deep Texas roots, but for also supporting our fine Texas Veterans !   We’d like to give them and their entire Major League Texan family a huge shout out of thanks for their support and embracement of the OATH mission !!!