OATH, Inc. is absolutely blessed to have entered into an official Partnership with Longer’s Outdoors of New Braunfels, Texas.  Ryan Longer and his entire Longer’s Outdoors family have built a respected and enduring hunting and fishing guide service that specializes in giving hardcore outdoor enthusiasts the finest hunting and fishing adventures that money can buy!  Ryan himself is a former Marine that served combat tours in Iraq, and he wholeheartedly understands, support and embraces the OATH mission 1509739_619228728172025_65263999_nbecause he sees and lives firsthand the benefits of living an outdoors based life.  We guarantee that if you book your trip with Longer’s Outdoors that you will have a memorable experience, and they will make it their number one goal to ensure that you are successful in your hunt.  They offer competitive rates and great service, and without any hidden fees.  They believe that all of their clients should be treated as personal friends, and their primary goal is to make sure that you have a great time!  We’d like to give Longer’s Outdoors a huge shout out of thanks for their support and embracement of the OATH mission !!!